Invest Your Life

Invest Your Life


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Making big decisions can be desperately difficult. Often we end up paralysed with indecision, afraid that making the wrong choice – whether it’s going to the wrong university, applying for the wrong job, or moving to the wrong place – will ruin our lives.

So how do we make good decisions? When does the Bible guide us, and when should we just use our common sense or talk things through with friends and family?

Using his huge experience and pastoral heart, Paul Mallard comes right alongside us in Invest Your Future to help us practice spiritual discernment. He shows us where to find wisdom and how it works in God's economy. He helps us find the balance in what is, for many of us, a constant challenge. He teaches us how to understand God’s purpose, so we can see what are the truly important factors in making our decisions.

You don't have to spend your life in indecision, confusion, guilt or regret. Drawing on examples from Scripture as well as from life, Invest Your Future shows how you can cultivate spiritual discernment in order to grow in maturity and wisdom, and know where to turn for guidance when making decisions.

If you have ever questioned how to make good decisions, or find yourself worrying and second-guessing your choices, this is the book for you. Compassionate and grounded,Invest Your Future will leave you more confident in your own and in God’s wisdom, so that you can make sure-footed, stress-free choices in the future.

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