Is Kindness Killing the Church?

Is Kindness Killing the Church?

Malcolm Down Publishing

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In this thought-provoking, challenging yet easy-to-read book, Hugh Osgood asks questions about how the Church today might benefit from the kind of letters we find in the book of Revelation! Here, with good, sound theological ideas to mill over, and discussion points and places to respond, we read letters to the Conciliatory Church, the Conforming Church, the Comprehensive Church, the Curious Church, the Concerned Church, the Courteous Church and the Confident Church, as if written by the church leaders in Revelation – after they had made changes to their own fellowships! The letters are to be read out loud, and are insightful, with some wry humour – church members may smile as they recognise themselves, but also think about the way that their churches might be encouraged to change.

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