John Calvin: For a New Reformation

John Calvin: For a New Reformation


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John Calvin: For a New Reformation

Edited by Deerk Thomas and John Tweeddale; Afterword by R C Sproul

More than 500 years ago, 16th-century Reformer John Calvin was born—a theologian whose teachings set the stage for reformation of the church around the world. The modern world is in continual need of his Christ-exalting doctrine and vision of the Christian life. In 20 essays by leading Reformed pastors and scholars, this primer explores Calvin’s life, teaching, and legacy for a new generation. This book is a clarion call to Christians everywhere to take seriously the ongoing need of theological reformation across the globe.


About the Authors

Derek Thomas (PhD, University of Wales, Lampeter) is the Chancellor's Professor of Systematic and Practical Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary and senior minister at First Presbyterian Church (ARP) in Columbia, South Carolina. He is the author of many books, including Calvin's Teaching on Job, and serves as a teaching fellow with Ligonier Ministries.

John W. Tweeddale (PhD, University of Edinburgh) is academic dean and professor of theology at Reformation Bible College. He is also a teaching elder in the Presbyterian Church in America. He is the author of John Owen and Hebrews and served as an assistant editor of the Reformation Study Bible.


“Thomas and Tweeddale have brought together an impressive team of sympathetic scholars to provide us with this wonderful in-depth exposition of many important aspects of Calvin’s life and teaching. The contributors to John Calvin not only highlight but also understand the profound contemporary relevance of his theological and pastoral emphases. Here is a genuine Calvinian treat! May it encourage twenty-first-century pastors and teachers—indeed, all serious Christians—to think, worship, serve, and live in the kind of dependence on God and confidence in his word that Calvin so courageously exhibited in his day.”
Sinclair B. Ferguson, Chancellor’s Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary; Teaching Fellow, Ligonier Ministries

“If I have only one chance to influence the minds of my students with a voice from the past, I turn to John Calvin. No one marries biblical knowledge to systematic theology with an eye to Christian piety like Calvin. Unfortunately, many Christians today have never read Calvin, and their theological house is the less stable for it. Do not fear: John Calvin: For a New Reformation equips Christians to withstand the storms of theological compromise. By introducing Calvin’s theology, this book provides the church with a biblical and theological foundation that will not be shaken. Read this book, and then run to read Calvin himself. In doing so, you will discover an exegetical ally, a theological father, and a Christian friend whose life, teachings, and ministry will guide you into Christian godliness.”
Matthew Barrett, Associate Professor of Christian Theology, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Executive Editor, Credo Magazine; editor, Reformation Theology

“Those who think everything about John Calvin has already been said and written will be pleasantly surprised by this great book. Complete, accessible, scholarly, and highly relevant, this fine collection makes Geneva’s Reformer a companion and guide for today’s church and theology.”
Herman Selderhuis, President, Theological University Apeldoorn, the Netherlands; Director, Refo500; President, Reformation Research Consortium


Table of Contents

Derek W. H. Thomas and John W. Tweeddale

Part One: The Life and Work of John Calvin 

1. The Young Calvin
Michael A. G. Haykin 

2. The Call to Geneva and the Struggle for Orthodoxy
Stephen J. Nichols

3. Calvin the Pastor
David B. Calhoun

4. Calvin and the Consistory
Douglas F. Kelly

5. Calvin and Friends
W. Robert Godfrey

6. The Expository Pulpit of John Calvin
Steven J. Lawson

7. The Development of the Institutes from 1536 to 1559
Derek W. H. Thomas

Part Two: The Teaching of John Calvin

8. The Divinity and Authority of Scripture
K. Scott Oliphint

9. Creation and Humanity
J. V. Fesko

10. The Providence of God
Burk Parsons

11. The Law of God
Guy Prentiss Waters

12. The Person and Work of Christ
Paul Wells

13. The Holy Spirit
Joel R. Beeke

14. The Christian Life
Edward Donnelly

15. Knowing God through Adversity
Derek W. H. Thomas

16. Predestination
Paul Helm

17. The Church as Mother
John W. Tweeddale

18. The Sacraments
Keith A. Mathison

19. God’s Preservation of His Saints
Robert A. Peterson

20. The Last Things
Cornelis P. Venema

R. C. Sproul

Appendix: Reading Calvin and His Interpreters
John W. Tweeddale
General Index
Scripture Index

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