Jonathan Edwards and the Christian Pilgrim

Jonathan Edwards and the Christian Pilgrim

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Wisdom from Jonathan Edwards on the journey towards death, with application for modern life.

Death is inevitable. Whether we’re facing the death of a loved one, or our own passing from this world to the next, we cannot avoid it. Death is something we never get used to. But it is something that we can get ready for.

Deborah Howard has taken Jonathan Edwards’ intensely encouraging sermon on the Christian Pilgrim and, drawing on her own experiences as a hospice nurse, has written this book to encourage us to live with our final destination in mind.

Focussing on scripture truth, the reader is encouraged to think about the journey that leads us towards our final destination. How are we spending our lives, as we live in the light of eternity? This combination of classic sermon and modern application makes this book an essential addition to any Christian’s bookshelf.

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