Journey with Me: 365 Daily Devotions

Journey with Me: 365 Daily Devotions


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Catherine Campbell invites you to journey with her this year as she shares 365 Bible meditations that have touched her heart and changed her life.

Using an eclectic mix of readings, character cameos, and anecdotes, Catherine takes us across new terrain every day. As with life, some paths will be smooth and scenic, while others are steep and stony. The journey may be unpredictable, but the map is trustworthy and the Guide always present.

As surely as winter blossoms into spring, and autumn eventually carpets summer lawns, God's word will excite, challenge, heal, and guide us in the year ahead. So, ivpiVlet's walk together!

About Catherine Campbell

Catherine Campbell lives with her pastor husband on Northern Ireland's beautiful North Coast. In a previous life she worked as a nurse but now spends her time writing and speaking. Many of her books major on issues surrounding life's tough stuff and what the Bible has to say in response. Having two of her three children born with profound disabilities, and all that meant in her life and walk with God, provided the catalyst for Catherine's literary journey. Her close-knit family, especially the grandchildren, and friends, provide her with all the love and laughter she needs to help her relax.

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