Knox - DVD

Knox - DVD

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Renegade. Reformer. Revolutionary. Five centuries after his birth, the influence of John Knox can still be felt right across Scotland. But who was this man? What did he do and why is he today both valued and vilified?

KNOX is a 77 minute film looking at the life and legacy of Scotland’s controversial 16th century Reformer. Follow in his footsteps, from Scotland to Frankfurt and Geneva, as he makes his journey from Catholic priest to a passionate Protestant preacher, facing down the most famous Scottish queen of all time.

Incorporating dramatic animations and interviews with some of Scotland’s leading experts, the story of John Knox is brought to you as you haven’t seen it before. In addition to retelling Knox’s story, the film focuses on the core issues of his message, which ensure he continues to have real relevance to the present time. It also explores some of the controversies of his own life and try to analyse what it was that made him so powerful in his generation.

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