Leviticus: A Commentary for Children

Leviticus: A Commentary for Children

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How can there be a book about Leviticus? The God of the universe has spoken to us; his every word is profound. We need to learn from this God. As this book takes us through God's commands to sacrifice we slowly begin to deeply understand the awesome thing God has done, and the profound beauty and obedience of Jesus. The beginning books of the Bible are essential to our understanding of God's redemptive story.


About the Author

Nancy Ganz has spent the last twenty years in her native land of Canada, helping her husband, Dr. Richard Ganz, in church-planting work and home-schooling their four daughters. She received her formal theological training from the University of Toronto prior to her conversion to Christ at L'Abri in the Netherlands. However, it has been the many years of Bible study since that time which has produced her Herein is Love commentaries on the Old Testament. Currently, most of her time is spent studying the Scriptures, writing various books, and taking long walks along the country roads and woodland paths near her home.