Little Black Book: The Holy Spirit

Little Black Book: The Holy Spirit


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We know that God is our heavenly Father, and we can wrap our minds around who Jesus is because he was a man who walked the earth. But what about the Holy Spirit? What is a 'spirit' anyway? And if the Bible says that the Holy Spirit lives within us as Christians, what does that feel like?

In his latest Little Black Book, Scott Petty clears away the confusion many people have about the role of the Spirit in the Christian life. He writes: "My hope is that by the end of this Little Black Book you won’t just be a believer in the Holy Spirit, but you will also understand who he is, what he does, and how fortunate and blessed we are to have him."

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  • Chapter 1: Meet the Holy Spirit
  • Chapter 2: The Holy Spirit and Jesus
  • Chapter 3: The Holy Spirit and mission
  • Chapter 4: The Spirit in our Christian lives
  • Chapter 5: The Holy Spirit and gifts
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix: Tongues, prophecy and healing