Loving Your Adult Children

Loving Your Adult Children


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Gospel-Centered Framework for Navigating Relationships with Adult Children

As kids grow, so do the pains of parenthood. Patterns of miscommunication and resentment can cause damage over the years, leaving parents and adult children with a fractured relationship. Confused, hurt, and sometimes angry, moms and dads can struggle to know where to turn for help and where to look for hope. 

With grace and empathy, author Gaye B. Clark comes alongside readers bearing the weight of parenthood. Encouraging readers to view themselves as image bearers of God first and parents second, Clark shifts readers’ focus to their relationship with Christ while showing how the relationship between parent and child can be a catalyst for understanding the gospel. Loving Your Adult Children examines the fruit of the Spirit in relation to parenting adult children, offers study questions for reflection, and shows how walking with God is the best next step for struggling parents.  

  • Appeals to Parents of Adult Children: Empathetically addresses the pain and suffering associated with parenting 
  • Lasting Gospel-Centered Hope: Shifts readers’ focus from their horizontal relationship with their children to their vertical relationship with Christ 
  • Biblical Perspective: Discusses each fruit of the Spirit and how they apply to relationships with adult children
  • Reflective: Study questions provide tools to help readers apply the book’s content 

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