Mad or God? Jesus: The Healthiest Mind of All

Mad or God? Jesus: The Healthiest Mind of All


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Imagine someone with a mind so healthy that he doesn’t need to see a psychiatrist. Ever.

Yet that person runs the gauntlet of taunting, mockery and false accusations. People turn against him. Friends disown and desert him. He standss alone.

Amazingly, two thousand years after his death, the taunts still fly. Films and books appear with fresh accusations and oh-so-convincing arguments.

How can this man be discredited and silenced for once and for all? More to the point, can he?

As psychiatrists, we need to speak up. Enough is enough.

Shadow us as we examine what we believe to be the most fascinating mind in all of history.

Dare you imagine a different reality? And what will this mean in practice?

Jesus had greater influence than any other person who ever lived. Yet atheistic detractors often portray him as insane or deranged. Claims gather momentum. Often they are left unchallenged.

Is there any basis for such claims? The authors, respected psychiatrists, consider Jesus's words, actions and teaching, and use fascinating insights from psychiatry to make an assessment.

We need confidence to weigh up the evidence and reach robust conclusions. The authors enable us to articulate a strong defence of Jesus's mental health. They help us dispel doubts, affirm our faith and present a captivating portrait of Jesus.

Part 1 Showing that Jesus was not mentally ill
1 The mind of Christ through a psychiatrist's eye
2 Out of his mind - was Jesus psychotic?
3 A man of sorrows - did Jesus suffer from any other mental disorder?
Part 2 Showing that Jesus had a health mind, proved by the coherence of his words and deeds
4 The test of his character - and the crowds were amazed
5 The test of a consistent life - what evil has he done? I find no crime in him
6 The test of meaningful relationships - encounters that transformed lives
7 The test of adversity - lessons without words in suffering
8 The test of influence - his power to change people
Epilogue The test of his claims - who do you say I am?

Pablo Martinez is a psychiatrist, author and international speaker from Barcelona Spain. He is Honorary President of GBU-IFES and author of several books including Why I Am Not An Atheist.

Andrew Sims is an Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry with the University of Leeds, and Past President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He has authored 12 books, including Is Faith a Delusion? Why religion is good for your heart.