Ministry in the New Realm: A Theology of 2 Corinthians

Ministry in the New Realm: A Theology of 2 Corinthians


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An Introduction to the Theology and Themes of 2 Corinthians by Dane C. Ortlund

Best known for its interpersonal, emotionally raw, and pastorally distressed tone, 2 Corinthians is one of Paul’s most distinctive epistles. In this letter to his complicated church in Corinth, Paul aims to expand on the deeply paradoxical nature of the Christian life. The importance of understanding this key doctrine makes 2 Corinthians an ideal study for believers today. 

In this volume of the New Testament Theology series, bestselling author Dane Ortlund explores 2 Corinthians to reveal the core arguments presented by Paul. Through clear and engaging theological examinations, Ortlund expounds two predominant themes—inaugurated eschatology and strength through weakness—and connects various other motifs traced throughout this epistle. Readers will learn how Christ’s resurrection ushered in the new realm—one where life and ministry are flipped upside down, and God’s power is intertwined with human weakness. 

  • Part of the New Testament Theology Series: Other volumes include The Joy of HearingUnited to Christ, Walking in the SpiritThe Beginning of the Gospel; and more 
  • Ideal for Anyone Wanting to Study the Bible More Deeply: Perfect for pastors, seminarians, college students, and laypeople
  • Written by Dane C. Ortlund: Pastor and bestselling author of Gentle and Lowly: The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers and Deeper: Real Change for Real Sinners

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