NSBT: Now and Not Yet

NSBT: Now and Not Yet


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The books of Ezra and Nehemiah have been neglected in Old Testament scholarship, but as Dean Ulrich demonstrates in this valuable study, new in the NSBT series, Ezra–Nehemiah as a literary unit is part of the Christian Bible that tells God’s grand story of saving activity.

Now and Not Yet explores how the narrative theology of Ezra and Nehemiah shows us how to be a godly participant in God’s story, and how the moral imperatives of leadership are bound up in the larger context of God’s acts and promises: God’s redeemed community that is bigger than any individual person, and at the heart of this is mission – participation in God’s purpose for his world.

Seeing these books as the record of the beginning of a new work of God among his people after the exile, Ulrich also illuminates how the theology of Ezra and Nehemiah connects to the larger biblical narrative and leads to the first coming of Jesus.

Insightful and accessible, Now and Not Yet is a brilliant addition to the New Studies in Biblical Theology series. It is ideal for students, pastors and anyone looking for studies on Ezra and Nehemiah that dig deeply into their theology, particularly in relation to biblical mission.

Now and Not Yet will leave you with a greater understanding of Ezra-Nehemiah as a literary unit, and how its theology is still relevant for Christians today – the new work it reveals enables God’s people to be restored in their relationship with God, through both hope in God’s promises and obedience to his instruction concerned with mission.


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