Old Testament Theology for Christians

Old Testament Theology for Christians

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The Old Testament was written for us, but not to us. We will fully grasp its theology only when we are immersed in the ancient cultural river of Israel and the broader cultural river of the ancient Near East. In Old Testament Theology for Christians, John Walton invites us to leave our modern (and even many of our Christian) preconceptions at the threshold as we enter the world of the Old Testament. He challenges us to see it anew as if for the first time as guests in a strange and foreign land. Walton offers a theology of the Old Testament that is consistently guided by what the ancient authors intended as they wrote within their cognitive environment. As we engage with their world, questions arise:
  • Why was the law given to Israel and how should we view it today?
  • How does the Old Testament understand sin and salvation?
  • Did God command Israel to commit genocide?
  • What was the role of the temple and its sacrifices in God s covenant with Israel?
  • Is there an integrating and central theme of Old Testament theology?
  • What did God require of Israel and how does that apply to Christians today?
  • Should we look to the Old Testament for solutions to twenty-first century issues?
  • How should we read the Old Testament in light of Christ?

In this capstone to a career of studying and teaching the Old Testament, Walton s answers take unexpected turns. Viewed within its ancient Near Eastern cognitive environment, the text blossoms into fresh and challenging insights. No matter how you are accustomed to approaching the Old Testament, Old Testament Theology for Christians will challenge and sharpen your perceptions.


John H. Walton