Our Sovereign God

Our Sovereign God

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GOD IS SOVEREIGN OVER ALL. This truth has been especially precious to Christians in times past, and for good reason. When it comes to knowing and serving God, the significance of this doctrine is hard to overstate. Yet do we truly understand what God’s sovereignty means and how it ought to impact our lives? In this accessible little book, noted theologians discuss God’s sovereignty and its implications for Christian doctrine and life. The authors explore the sovereignty of God the Son, the importance of knowing our sovereign God, and what God’s sovereignty means for prayer, evangelism, the church, and even our attitude. Each of the time-tested readings in this book offers clear insight and warm encouragement to readers today.

Originally published in 1977 as Our Sovereign God: Addresses from the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, 1974–1976.


  • Disobedience and God’s Sovereignty, James Montgomery Boice
  • The Key to Knowing God; Witnessing and God’s Sovereignty, Ralph L. Keiper
  • The “Five Points” and God’s Sovereignty; The Doctrines of Grace in Jesus’s Teaching; Optimism and God’s Sovereignty; Soli Deo Gloria, Roger R. Nicole
  • On Knowing God, J. I. Packer
  • God’s Sovereignty and Old Testament Names for God, Stuart D. Sacks
  • Why We Do Not Know God; Why We Must Know God; Discerning the Will of God; Prayer and God’s Sovereignty, R.C. Sproul
  • The Sovereignty of God the Son; The Sovereign God and the Church, John R. W. Stott

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