Paul, the Spirit, and the People of God

Paul, the Spirit, and the People of God

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This contemporary classic by renowned scholar Gordon Fee explores the Spirit's significant role in Pauline life and thought.

After Fee published his magisterial God's Empowering Presence, he was asked to write a more accessible volume that would articulate Paul's priorities for experiencing the life of the Spirit in the church. Fee's bestselling introduction to Paul and the Spirit, Paul, the Spirit, and the People of God, went on to sell over 70,000 copies. This book by one of the greatest evangelical and Pentecostal New Testament interpreters of our time argues that the presence of the Spirit is, for Paul and for us, the crucial matter for the Christian life.

This repackaged edition features an updated design and packaging, includes new reflection questions, and adds a foreword by Dean Pinter, who commends the book to a new generation of readers.

Foreword by Dean Pinter
Overture--An Invitation to Read Paul Anew
1. A "Theology" of the Spirit? The Spirit in Pauline Theology
2. God Revisits His People--The Spirit as the Renewed Presence of God
3. The Holy Who? The Spirit as Person
4. God in Three Persons--The Spirit and the Trinity
5. The Beginning of the End--The Spirit as Evidence of the "Presence of the Future"
6. A People for His Name--The Spirit and the People of God
7. Conversion: Getting In (Part 1)--The Spirit and the Hearing of the Gospel
8. Conversion: Getting In (Part 2)--The Spirit at the Entry Point
9. Conversion: Staying In (Part 1)--The Spirit and Pauline Ethics
10. Conversion: Staying In (Part 2)--The Fruit of the Spirit
11. The Ongoing Warfare--The Spirit against the Flesh
12. Power in Weakness--The Spirit, Present Weakness, and Prayer
13. To the Praise of His Glory--The Spirit and Worship
14. Those Controversial Gifts? The Spirit and the Charismata
15. Where to from Here? The Spirit for Today and Tomorrow
Appendix--Spirit Baptism and Water Baptism in Paul

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