Rising Through Adversity

Rising Through Adversity

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Sometimes life throws at us heartache and challenges, maybe illness or the death of someone close to us, or perhaps a season that feels dry or difficult. These times can raise real and fundamental questions that may shake our faith. We can feel a deep need for hope, answers and a way forward. Challenges in our lives can bring us to forks in the road. We can easily go down routes where our hearts gradually, or maybe dramatically, harden off towards God.

As we struggle to find a pathway through, a light can draw us to a route where we find God in the very midst of it all. We find gold revealed in the ashes; our wounds transformed to strengths; and we discover a way for the oppressed to become free and a way to rise up within and through it all. Rising Through Adversity, attempts to bring hope and some insight, through words and pictures, especially to those having a hard time. Throughout the book there are also Pause and Encounter moments to help process and pray through aspects that may resonate.


Judith Beecham was thriving in a high-pressure job, active, sporty and back from a round the world trip when she came down with debilitating ME and Lyme Disease. She has had a long and challenging road of recovery. During this time, she also sadly lost her closest friend to cancer. 

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