Seasons of Waiting

Seasons of Waiting


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We’re all waiting for something. For some of us, it’s a spouse. For others, it’s children. For still others, it’s physical healing. Unfortunately, when things don’t go as planned and we end up having to wait, it’s often hard to trust God’s timing. But while there will always be delays and disappointments in this life, there is still hope; God has a purpose and a plan for every season of our lives, even when it feels like he just keeps saying no. In Seasons of Waiting, Betsy Childs Howard points us to examples of waiting from Scripture that teach us to understand our waiting as a parable of God’s unfolding kingdom. In the process, she shows us how the gospel informs our response to unmet longings and delayed dreams—directing our attention to the day when Christ will return and all our waiting will be over.


Betsy Childs Howard