Short of Glory

Short of Glory


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A Study of How Genesis 3 Influences the Whole Story of the Bible

When looking around at the world, it is easy to see that all is not as it should be. This brokenness within the world and humanity finds its roots in mankind’s rebellion against God. The fall, as recorded in Genesis 3, sets the stage for creation’s need for redemption—ultimately found in Jesus Christ.

In this book, pastor and professor Mitchell Chase argues that in order to understand the fall and recognize its profound impact on later Scripture and the world today, Christians must first understand Genesis 3. Chase identifies themes found in Genesis 3—temptation, shame, messianic hope, and more—and shows how they reverberate throughout the rest of the storyline of Scripture. Understanding Adam and Eve’s fall is crucial to understanding the world as it currently is and the need for redemption through Jesus. 

  • Accessible: Clear and concise writing on one of the most vital chapters in Scripture
  • For Those Interested in Biblical Theology: Ideal for students, thoughtful lay people, and pastors looking to grow in their knowledge of inner-biblical exegesis and connections
  • Identifies Biblical Themes in Genesis 3: Including temptation, shame, and messianic hope
  • Written by Mitchell L. Chase: Professor at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and the author of Resurrection Hope and the Death of Death


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