Sing Psalms - Music Edition: Staff

Sing Psalms - Music Edition: Staff

The Free Church of Scotland

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Singing God’s truth through Psalms, Hymns or other scriptural praise is a truly enriching experience, and is a way of absorbing God’s Word into our hearts, allowing it to nourish us and equip us to witness to the grace of God in our lives.

The updated metrical (written to fit a musical meter) versions of the psalm words are a joy to read in themselves, and a credit to those who adapted them. They retain the meaning of the original text with real Scriptural accuracy, whilst also making them easy to sing with modern tunes. There are also a handful of the most popular Scottish Psalter translations, including Psalms 23 and 100, for ease of use. The psalm tune selection, meanwhile, is broad and comprehensive, offering a variety of tunes for every meter used.

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