Stories that Serve

Stories that Serve


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Stories are a powerful tool in the hands of a preacher. Used poorly, they can become the central focus of a sermon, usurping the rightful place of God’s word as teacher and guide. Used well, they support the cause of truth, bringing the word of God to life with fresh clarity, relevance and power.

This concise book serves as an excellent introduction to the role of storytelling in expository preaching. Ed Moll, a seasoned preacher and preaching trainer, offers readers a comprehensive guide to the types of stories that can support biblical teaching, from simple images and metaphors to full-fledged narratives, illustrating how each type can best aid the preacher in teaching the word of God. An excellent resource for both experienced preachers seeking to grow their skill and new preachers just starting out on their journey, this book provides practical exercises to put learning into practice and includes reading lists for those wanting to dive deeper into the topics raised.

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