TCC - Zhenjiang

TCC - Zhenjiang


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‘In one six-week period in November and December, more than four hundred church buildings were bulldozed to the ground.’

Zhejiang, a prosperous eastern province, is home to the highest percentage of Christians in China. This volume describes how God established His kingdom there. The region contains so many churches that it has earned the nickname ‘the Jerusalem of China’. 

The Church in Zhejiang made great sacrifices during the Cultural Revolution. From just one city, 48 church leaders died for their faith. The Communists earmarked Zhejiang as a ‘religion-free zone’, yet Jesus Christ is worshipped today by more than thirteen million people throughout the province. 

This is the third volume in The China Chronicles, which tells the modern history of the Church in China. The series is designed to inform the wider world of the astonishing work of the Holy Spirit in the world’s most populous country.

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