The Acrostic of God

The Acrostic of God

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“Let’s read the Acrostic of God together 
to help you to make him your awesome treasure. 
We’ll read it, rap it, or sing it—it’s fun! 
Till Jesus comes back and his kingdom has come. . . 
He’s the Alpha and Omega, from A to Z; 
his beauty and his glory we were made to see.”  

Catechism can be fun! The Acrostic of God is a joy to read and reread, and a wonderful tool to help kids absorb eternal truth about God. 

By giving children an alphabetical list of the titles and attributes of God written with a rhyming beat, Jonathan Gibson and Timothy Brindle make The Acrostic of God fun to read and easy to memorize. Each characteristic, A to Z, weaves together a beautiful picture of God. 

Using the alphabet to teach about God has a rich history in the Bible, especially in the Psalms and Lamentations. Several of the psalms—notably Psalm 119—begin with letters of the Hebrew alphabet, forming an acrostic that spells out the entire alphabet. 

The authors make learning theology fun and effortless. Their book shows God as he is, not just to know about him more in our brains, but to know him as the God of glory who reigns.” 

Illustrated by C. S. Fritz, The Acrostic of God is the first in the Acrostic Theology for Kids series that introduces children ages five to eleven to systematic theology uniquely on their age level.  

Readers will find a QR code in the back of The Acrostic of God that they can scan to listen to the audio version of the book which Timothy Brindle reads in rap style.


Jonathan Gibson, PhD, is ordained in the International Presbyterian Church (UK) and serves as Associate Professor of Old Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia. He is the author of The Moon Is Always Round. He is married to Jackie and they have four children: Benjamin, Leila, Zachary, and Hannah.  

Timothy Brindle, ThM, MDiv, is a Pastor at Olive Street Presbyterian Church (PCA), and a candidate for the PhD in Old Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary, where he serves as the Senior Stewardship Officer. He is the author of The Unfolding and has released several Christian hip-hop albums since 2003. Timothy and his wife, Floriana, have nine children and live in Philadelphia. 


C.S. Fritz grew up on a farm in Oregon, where he milked cows and had a pet pig. To escape the endless chores C. S. would draw. As a young child, his family moved to Arizona, and it was there he has spent most of his lifemarried the love of his life, and had two wild kids. C. S. is an award-winning author and illustrator of The Cottonmouth Trilogy, Good Night Tales, The Moonman Cometh, Seekers, and Good Night Classics. 


“Whoever said solid theology is only for adults neither understands children nor theology! This wonderful series persuasively speaks deep truth to children and grown-ups in an imaginative, memorable way. It will revolutionize the way they learn the things that most matter in life.”
William Edgar, Professor of Apologetics, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia; jazz musician

“Biblical professor and parent, Jonny Gibson, and hip-hop artist and parent, Timothy Brindle, have crafted a readable and reliable series for basic Christian doctrines. We parents just might find ourselves discovering some new treasures along with our kids!”
Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology, Westminster Seminary, California

“An Acrostic Theology for Kids series is a fun and engaging way to introduce kids (and their parents!) to important Bible words and concepts!”
Nancy Guthrie, Author of What Every Child Should Know About Prayer

The Acrostic of God is a treat to read. As a father of three, I can attest it is exactly the kind of book moms and dads will love to read with their children. Great theology, beautiful illustrations, all set to a fun and memorable cadence. I loved it!”
Bradley G. Green, Professor of Theological Studies, Union University, Jackson, TN; cofounder of Augustine School

The Acrostic of God is a theologically rich, wonderfully creative, and highly flexible catechetical resource. Having used it with my own family, I can attest that it is fun to use, simple to memorize, and provides easy prompts for discussion. With this book, Gibson and Brindle have given us a real gift which stands in the catechetical tradition of the Christian church and shares the same aim: to exercise minds and incline hearts toward the knowledge and love of our triune God.”
Mark Earngey, Head of Church History, Moore Theological College, Sydney

“With the need to instruct young children in the truth of God’s Word never more urgent than it is today, this attractively produced primer, The Acrostic of God, provides an effective resource for parents and others­—both engaging and soundly biblical.”
Richard B. Gaffin Jr., Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology, Emeritus, Westminster Theological Seminary

“In The Acrostic of God, Gibson and Brindle provide a clear articulation of glorious truths about God in a simple, faithful, enjoyable, and memorable manner. This is a vital resource for every parent wishing to teach their children to think right thoughts about God and to set their hope in him.”
Dave Ramsey, Director of The Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland

The Acrostic of God is a fantastic resource for parents to teach their children the truth about who God is. The book is attractively illustrated and the rhyming verses and accompanying audio resource will help to impress these truths upon young hearts and minds. We will enjoy reading this book to our children to help them grow in the knowledge of God.”
Andy Hambleton, Minister of Crumlin Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Northern Ireland

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