The Baptist Confession of Faith

The Baptist Confession of Faith

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The Second London Confession of Faith has, for over 300 years, been the premier summary of what Particular Baptist’s believe. First published in 1677, and drawing on the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Savoy Declaration, the Confession contains 32 brief chapters which present and excellent summary of what the Bible teaches. It is an outstanding document that is still immensely useful for Christians in their homes and in their churches today.

In this new edition, published as The Baptist Confession of Faith, few editorial changes have been made, these are largely limited to spelling and punctuation. Scripture proofs from the Authorised Version have been added, with the hope that this will aid those reading and studying this edition. It is encouraged, however, that everyone should read their Bibles alongside the Confession, as those who study the Confession in this manner will be sure to find it a steady guide to the Christian Life.

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