The Beauty and Glory of Christ

The Beauty and Glory of Christ

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Enjoy the spiritual feast served in The Beauty and Glory of Christ, a compilation of the addresses given at the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary’s annual conference in August 2010 at Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Each essay sets before readers the unsearchable riches of the Lord Jesus Christ, the hope of our glory and the glory of our hope. Topics include Christ’s beauty prophesied and typified in Isaiah and Song of Solomon; Christ’s glory in His incarnation, earthly ministry, and death on the cross; Christ in historical theology and everyday life; and Christ’s glorious exaltation in His resurrection and in His triumph in the book of Revelation. Contributors include David Murray, Iain Campbell, Richard Phillips, Gerald Bilkes, David Carmichael, Albert Martin, Joel Beeke, William VanDoodewaard, Ray Pennings, and James Grier.

Table of Contents:

Christ’s Beauty Prophesied and Typified

1. The Beauty of Isaiah’s Servant — David Murray

2. The Song of David’s Son — Iain Campbell

3. He Is Altogether Lovely — Iain Campbell

Christ’s Glory from Bethlehem to Golgotha

4. The Glory of Christ’s Victorious Incarnation — Richard Phillips

5. The Glory of Christ’s Parables — Gerald Bilkes

6. Jesus, Master of Storms — David Carmichael

7. Jesus, Master of Stress — David Carmichael

8. The Glory of Christ’s Victorious Death — Albert Martin

Christ in Historical Theology and Everyday Life

9. Glorying in the Imputed Righteousness of Christ — Richard Phillips

10. Thomas Goodwin on Christ’s Beautiful Heart — Joel R. Beeke

11. Christology in Marrow Theology — William VanDoodewaard

12. Christology: Calvin, Kuyper, and Politics — Ray Pennings

13. The Daily Challenge of Christ-Centered Living — Ray Pennings

Christ’s Glorious Exaltation

14. The Glory of Christ’s Victorious Resurrection — Albert Martin

15. The Investiture of the Lamb — James Grier

16. Hallelujah to the Triumphant Christ — James Grier 



Joel R. Beeke (PhD, Westminster Seminary) is president and professor of systematic theology and homiletics at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary; a pastor of the Heritage Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan; editor of Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth; editorial director of Reformation Heritage Books; and a prolific author.