The Book of Genesis, Chapters 18-50

The Book of Genesis, Chapters 18-50


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The second of Victor Hamilton's two-volume study of Genesis for the NICOT series, this prodigious, scholarly work provides linguistic, literary, and theological commentary on Genesis 18-50. Beginning with Abraham's reception of the three visitors and his intercession before Yahweh on behalf of Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen. 18) and continuing through the end of the Joseph story (Gen. 50), the overarching theme of Hamilton's commentary is Yahweh's faithfulness to his promised word and his covenant commitments to those whom he has chosen to received that promised word.

Special features of this commentary include its serious attention to important matters of translation from Biblical Hebrew into English, copious footnotes that direct readers to further and more extensive sources of information, and frequent references to the New Testament writers' reading of Genesis. Hamilton's work will greatly benefit scholars, students, and ministers who seek solid exegesis of the Bible's foundational book.

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