The Christian Warrior

The Christian Warrior

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When Christians are given new life, they also gain new enemies.  

In this insightful work, Puritan Isaac Ambrose entreats Christians not to slumber amid their battle against sin, the world, and the flesh. Ambrose’s timely instructions and warnings reveal the tools and weapons God has given us to fight against spiritual adversaries. Readers will learn how to use the armor of God to triumph in the constant battle for their souls.


Preface: Address to Christian Soldiers 

Part 1: The Doctrines to Be Handled 

  1. All God’s people must be warriors
  2. We have powerful and malicious enemies to contend with
  3. We must wrestle and strive against them

Part 2 

  1. In Our Infancy
  2. Temptation in the Time of Conversion
  3. Further Assaults of Satan
  4. Temptation in Riper Years
  5. Of our Outward Condition 
  6. Of our Spiritual Condition
  7. Assaults at the End of Life


“Our contemporary culture, saturated by scientific rationalism, frequently tends to ignore the reality of the powers of evil and darkness. This Puritan classic takes Ephesians 6:12 seriously and teaches that battle with the devil still rages today. Isaac Ambrose’s small but dynamic, packed treatise offers readers practical directions and helpful spiritual disciplines to face the temptations of the world, the flesh, and the devil. Most importantly, The Christian Warrior will help you cling to Jesus as your only reliable defense.”

—Tom Schwanda, associate professor of Christian formation and ministry, emeritus, Wheaton College; and scholar in residence for Puritan piety, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

About the Author

Isaac Ambrose, the son of a clergyman, was born in 1604. As a member of the Presbyterian Party, he ministered at Preston and Garstang until he was ejected by the Act of Uniformity of 1662. He lived and died a non-conformist. His most famous work, Looking Unto Jesus, has been called “a classic of Christ-centered divinity.”

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