The Coming King: 25 Readings For Advent

The Coming King: 25 Readings For Advent


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For most of us, Advent is synonymous with Christmas. After all, don't our Advent calendars count down to December 25th? Isn't Advent a time to think about the birth of the baby in the manger, the angels and the shepherd? It certainly is.Advent means the coming of the special baby who was laid in a manger in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago. 

But J.C. Ryle would also remind people of the 'Second Advent' when Jesus will come again. On that day, Jesus will return to our world, not as a baby but as the unmistakable King of kings and Lord of lords.

These readings, all from Ryle’s Expository Thoughts from the Gospels, contrast Jesus’ first coming with his second and lead us to consider both “Advents” of the Lord Jesus.

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