The Fight of Faith Crowned

The Fight of Faith Crowned

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This collection provides readers with six sermons by Thomas Watson that were among his last published writings. With clarity and precision, Watson addresses topics like the Christian’s righteousness, tumultuous events, the redemption of time, and more. Reflecting his love as a pastor of God’s people, each sermon includes both encouragement and admonition for the church. Discover why Thomas Watson is one of the most beloved English Puritans as he directs you to gaze on the fullness of the gospel and the glory of God.


Publisher’s Note 

The Crown of Righteousness 

The Righteous Man’s Weal and the Wicked Man’s Woe 

Time’s Shortness 

The Fight of Faith Crowned 

A Plea for Alms 

The One Thing Necessary 


“Watson was one of the most concise, racy, illustrative, and suggestive of those eminent divines who made the Puritan age the Augustan period of evangelical literature. There is a happy union of sound doctrine, heart-searching experience, and practical wisdom throughout all his works.”

—C. H. Spurgeon

About the Author

Thomas Watson (ca. 1620–1686) graduated from Cambridge University and became one of the leading Puritan minsters of London. His works, such as "The Godly Man's Picture" and "A Body of Divinity," continue to be treasured for their clear exposition of biblical truths and their application to the Christian life.

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