The Glorious Christ

The Glorious Christ

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We were designed to become like what we worship. What fills our thoughts throughout the day? What do we love or long for?

This book is for those who want to become like Christ—for those who want to meditate on his beauty but who need help to do so. In this devotional work, Kris Lundgaard invites us to set our hearts on adoring Christ so that we become more like him. Saturated with the wisdom of Puritan John Owen, this book assists us in contemplating our Savior’s person, work, and love in new and deeper ways, so that we are challenged and changed.

Readers praise The Glorious Christ (formerly Through the Looking Glass) as a useful resource for group study as well as private meditation. Discover the eternal value of beholding the glorious Christ, who is worthy of all our worship.


“This is a precious book . . . because of its vivid focus on Jesus and his glory . . . because of its piercing analysis of what goes wrong in Christian hearts and what to do about it . . . because of the author’s skill in putting deep Puritan thoughts from John Owen into language that any believer from mid-teens onward can handle. It is a fresh-flavored, doctrinal devotional of classic quality, which I enthusiastically recommend.”

—J. I. Packer, Author, Knowing God

“This book is a treasure of pure, living, and accessible theology. Kris Lundgaard is a master tour guide who will take you by the hand and lead you through the majestic heights and peaks of the multifaceted glories of Christ. You will not regret going on this journey with him because you will fall in love with the One Kris is following: Jesus, the King of glory and the Lover of your soul.”

—Eowyn Stoddard, Missionary, Mission to the World

“Kris Lundgaard’s remarkable pen gives us the Christ of the Bible—the cosmic Creator and Redeemer who fills every horizon—our all in all. Thanks be to God!”

—R. Kent Hughes, Author, Disciplines of a Godly Man



The Author

Kris Lundgaard

Kris Lundgaard and his wife, Paula, served fourteen years with Mission to the World in Slovakia. As well as authoring several books, he has been a technical writer, computer programmer, pastor, program manager, and test-engineering manager. He and Paula have four married children and many grandchildren.

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