The Glory of God and Paul

The Glory of God and Paul


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The apostle Paul’s theology of divine glory has its foundations in the biblical drama of creation, fall, redemption and consummation, and in the identity of Jesus as revealed in his teachings, life, death and resurrection.

In The Glory of God and Paul, Christopher Morgan and Robert Peterson explore Paul’s view of the triune God – as one who is intrinsically glorious, and, through uniting his people to Christ, shares that glory with his people. Examining key parts of the New Testament letters, they show how the Pauline theology of glory is rooted in the Old Testament as well as in Jesus, revealing a God who joyfully displays his glory through his creation and whose people respond by glorifying him.

Covering a range of topics, including the Trinity, salvation, eschatology and more, this new volume in the NSBT series ultimately shows that God intends his glory to have an impact on many areas of believers’ lives: their gradual transformation ‘from glory to glory’ occurs as they meditate and reflect on the splendour of the Lord.

Full of accessible insights, The Glory of God and Paul is a brilliant addition to the New Studies in Biblical Theology series. It will leave you with a greater understanding of Pauline theology and how it is still relevant for Christians today. It is ideal for students, pastors and anyone looking for a study of Paul the apostle that digs deeply into his epistles, particularly in relation to his teachings on divine glory.

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