The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon

The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon


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People sometimes assume that Reformed theology, with its emphasis on salvation as a sovereign work of God, saps a Christian’s zeal for evangelism. But this was certainly not the case for Charles Spurgeon, the great Baptist preacher of nineteenth-century London. Spurgeon proclaimed Reformed theology with great precision—and always with a plea for sinners to come to Christ in faith. In short, he taught the truth of the gospel and trusted it as God’s power to save.

In The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon, Dr. Steven Lawson traces the emphases of Spurgeon’s long and fruitful ministry. The “Prince of Preachers” clung to the gospel tenaciously and heralded it constantly, even amid controversy and personal suffering. This book is a passionate call for Christians to follow Spurgeon in loving the gospel by both studying it and proclaiming it.

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