The Life of Faith

The Life of Faith

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An influential thinker in the evangelical world for the past half century, Peter Jensen has trained a generation of pastors and theologians for gospel ministry and Christian leadership across the globe. Now, for the first time, the essence of Dr Jensen’s theological approach has been distilled into a single volume.

Broken into 27 accessible chapters and punctuated with key concepts, discussion questions, and quotes from great cultural and theological works, this introduction to Christian doctrine is concise and engaging enough to be read in full, while being rich and deep enough to stretch even the most enquiring Christian mind. The Life of Faith is sure to become an indispensable resource for scholars, pastors, lay leaders and theological students alike.

“The chief aim of this book is to summarize what the Bible teaches (its ‘doctrine’) about the great topics it contains. Doctrine seeks to extend our knowledge of the Bible and help us to understand it fully and accurately. It is an essential method of reading and applying the Bible … My prayer for us all is that we will begin and end with the fear of the Lord that leads to wisdom.”—Peter Jensen


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