The Lord’s Day

The Lord’s Day

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The church’s practice of gathering for worship both morning and evening on the Lord’s Day reflects a very ancient tradition that was once universal. Generations of believers have found it a tremendous help in their endeavour to put the Lord’s Day to the very best use. They have relished the double opportunity it affords to meet with God, to unite in worship, to receive instruction, and to minister to one another’s needs. Sunday evening worship, however, has been dropped by numerous churches. Large numbers of believers are content to come out in the morning and spend the remainder of the Lord’s Day doing other things. The aim of this booklet is to impress on us the great value of evening worship and to encourage us to make it a priority.

David Campbell’s booklet, The Lord’s Day, is of great value for our time. It is written warmly and with application to every class of our human race. It will provide a brief history of worship throughout the ages. There are many Scriptures to be referenced which undergird his advice. Pastor Campbell’s appeal to seeking the presence of God and His Son in worship is especially both biblical (Psalm 63) and moving in its presentation.

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