The Man Who Makes A Difference Leaders Guide

The Man Who Makes A Difference Leaders Guide


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There seems to be general agreement among people who know about these things that the modern man is in trouble. He is stressed, confused and pressured. The workplace is changing; the culture is changing; the acceptable roles of men and women are changing. And the modern man, caught in the middle of it, apparently feels a complete failure.

What should a man be and do? What should define him? What should be the goal of his life? How should he spend his time, his money, his energy? How should he relate to his wife? To his kids? To other men?

These Bible studies provide stirring answers to these questions by turning to Paul's letter to the Ephesians. In reading and studying this wonderful text, we hear God speak to us, and tell us how to live as Christian men in all our different relationships.

This Group Leader's Version contains the complete text of the studies, with additional notes, answers and suggestions.

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