The Message of Daniel

The Message of Daniel


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Preaching's Preacher's Guide to the Best Bible Reference for 2014 (Old Testament Commentaries)

A replacement volume in the Bible Speaks Today Old Testament commentary series, Dale Ralph Davis's The Message of Daniel offers a reliable exposition of the visionary book of Daniel for pastors and lay commentary readers.


General preface
Author's preface

1. There is a God in Babylon (Daniel 1)
2. A dream that will come true (Daniel 2)
3. Saints in the hands of a saving God (Daniel 3)
4. The tree decree (Daniel 4)
5. The strut stops here (Daniel 5)
6. The night the lions were fasting (Daniel 6)
7. Is history all beastly? (Daniel 7)
8. Why is a two-bit king so all-fired important? (Daniel 8)
9. A tutorial in prayer (Daniel 9:1-19)
10. Not so fast! (Daniel 9:20-23)
11. The long haul of the people of God (Daniel 9:24-27)
12. Intimidating introduction (Daniel 10:1-11:2a)
13. The case of Mr Hyde and Mr Hyde (Daniel 11:2b-45)
14. Enduring to the end (Daniel 12)

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