The Pastor as Leader

The Pastor as Leader


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Practical, Biblical Advice for Effective Pastoral Leadership

Many pastors feel torn between preaching and leading, but both responsibilities are essential. Without faithful exposition of Scripture, churches risk straying theologically. Without strong leadership, teaching lacks spiritual zeal. How can pastors find balance and steward their calling effectively?

In The Pastor as Leader, John Currie equips pastors to be men of God who competently carry out their purpose: leading God’s people through the preaching of God’s word. Recognizing a common disconnect between the roles of preaching and leadership, Currie offers foundational principles for pastoring “under Christ’s appointment, conformed to Christ’s character, which exemplifies and implements Christ’s wisdom, preached from Christ’s word.” By integrating two primary roles of the pastorate, readers will learn how to faithfully and confidently proclaim the Scriptures as they communicate biblical vision and strategy for the church’s mission.

  • Encouragement and Instruction for Pastors: Biblical advice for leading the church through preaching the gospel
  • Biblical and Theological: Explores the role of a pastor by looking at the life of Jesus, the early church in Acts, and leaders throughout church history
  • Practical: Takes pastors from principles to practice, with helpful advice and reflection questions
  • A Thoughtful Gift for Working and Aspiring Pastors

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