The Path of True Godliness

The Path of True Godliness

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In nine short "books," this remarkable work by Teellinck shows believers the character of true godliness and the kingdom of darkness that opposes it. Dr. Joel R. Beeke, editor of the book, has included an introduction that chronicles Teellinck’s life and times.

This is one of the best books ever written on the subject of sanctification. How does one flee from temptation? What is the best way for believers to open their hearts to God? Packed with scriptural guidance, this book answers these questions and many more about how to live godly in Christ Jesus.

Table of Contents:

Book 1: The Character of True Godliness

Book 2: The Kingdom of Darkness Opposes the Practice of Godliness

Book 3: The Kingdom of Grace Promotes Godliness

Book 4: Godly Living Is the True Goal of Life

Book 5: The Means to Attain the True Purpose of Life

Book 6: Using God-Given Means to Practice True Godliness

Book 7: Motives to Practice Godliness Derived from God’s Attributes

Book 8: Motives to Practice Godliness Derived from Our Own Condition

Book 9: Three More Reasons for Practicing Godliness


Series Description 

Classics of Reformed Spirituality Series offers fresh translations of key writings from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, making them accessible to the twenty-first century church. These writings from the "Further Reformation" in the Netherlands offer a balance of doctrine and piety, a mingling of theology and life that has seldom been equaled in the history of Christianity. Each book in this series will provide invaluable insights into a vibrant part of the Christian heritage.



Willem Teellinck (1579-1629) was a pastor and prolific writer who helped move the Reformed Church beyond matters of doctrine and policy to reformation in life and practice.

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