The Preeminent Christ

The Preeminent Christ

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In The Preeminent Christ, Paul Washer declares the unmatched significance of the good news of Jesus Christ. Compelled by a desire for men to know God’s love, Washer draws from the church’s greatest theologians to herald Christ’s centrality in revelation, salvation, sanctification, study, proclamation, and glory. The Preeminent Christ will stimulate readers to forsake their tendency to view worldly “needs” as central by zealously seeking this Christ in the gospel.


1. A Prolegomenon
2. An Apology
3. The Essential Content of the Gospel
4. The Same Gospel through the Ages
5. The Preeminence of the Gospel
6. The Preeminent Revelation of God
7. The Preeminent Message of Salvation
8. The Preeminent Means of Sanctification
9. The Preeminent Subject of Study
10. The Preeminent Subject of Preaching
11. The Preeminent Subject of Glorying
12. A Warning against the Neglect of the Gospel
13. Final Exhortation

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