The Right to be Ridiculed

The Right to be Ridiculed

Onward & Upward

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Over the past decade there has been political debate on the ‘right to ridicule’ – the question about whether we would be allowed to joke about the political and religious opinions of others, perhaps with the intention of making them aware of how ridiculous their beliefs are. Jesus, however, is more concerned with our right to be ridiculed. His words in the Sermon on the Mount suggest that ridicule or even persecution for his sake is worth it and that it should even make us glad! This book, packed with biblical insights and practical application, investigates why ridicule for Jesus is indeed worth it and why we should not keep our faith private. We discover that there is ample reward, not just after death, but also in our life here and now. When we view all forms of persecution from the right perspective, true joy can be experienced in the midst of suffering.



Andrew Conway

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