The Starry Messenger

The Starry Messenger

Christian Focus

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Big Bible Answers brings catechism to life like never before! This interactive, fun series introduces children to fundamental doctrines using Bible and real-life stories. Each chapter provides catechism questions to learn, stories to read, and study questions to discuss together. The Starry Messenger follows the life of God-fearing Galileo. Drawing lessons from how this great man studied the order and beauty he discovered through the telescope, questions regarding God, the fall, and atonement are covered.


Selah Helms is a mother and grandmother from Fort Worth, Texas. From the time their children were small she and her husband Doug home-schooled and instructed the family in doctrinal truth.

Susan Kahler was an attorney in Austin, Texas. She has an avid interest in doctrine and church history as well as Christian education.

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