The Story of Christianity - Volume 2

The Story of Christianity - Volume 2

Harper Collins

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Beginning with the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century, this follow-up to The Story of Christianity, Volume 1 brings the history of Christianity up to the present day. Author Justo Gonzalez highlights key theological developments while providing a fresh understanding of the social, political and economic forces that influenced the formation of the Church. In particular, the author notes recurring themes of unrest, rebellion, and reformation.

 The author's insights into the lives of key figures like Martin Luther and John Calvin, in conjunction with vivid historical accounts, reveal how individual lives mirror and clarify core theological concerns and developments.

 The Story of Christianity, Volume 2 includes an analysis of the growth and maturation of Christianity in Europe and the United States as well as in Latin America -- an area that is increasingly vital to an understanding of Christianity's historical development, present situation, and future options. 

 Gonzalez's informative and highly readable study discusses the rise of Protestantism, and changes in Roman Catholicism and Eastern Christianity. The World Council of Churches and the Second Vatican Council are examined, and the author also takes a thoughtful look at the major issues and debates involving Christians today.

 Justo L. Gonzalez, author of the highly praised three-volume History of Christian Thought and other major works, attended United Seminary in Cuba, received his M.A. at Yale, and was the youngest person to be awarded a Ph.D. in historical theology at Yale. Dr. Gonzalez is now on the faculty of the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta.

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