Track: The Power of Story

Track: The Power of Story

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A compelling dive into the importance of stories in our lives for young adults.

Stories are powerful. They shape us and stay with us in a way that nothing else does. Ideas and wisdom can be portrayed in a way that draws the listener or reader in. Stories can build relationships and understanding. They can help to make sense of confusing concepts. In this compelling addition to the Track series, Joe Deegan explains why stories are so important – and what role they play in our everyday lives.

For centuries people have used fairy tales and folk tales to warn children not to stray into the woods or get too close to wolves. Whether fact or fiction the best stories have a familiar shape – a beginning, a middle and an ending – as well as characters that we recognise. It seems that a need for stories lives in the heart of every human.

Deegan contends that this love for stories comes from God. He is the greatest storyteller of all time, and He created us in His image. During Jesus’ earthly ministry He spent a lot of time speaking in parables. Between the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John we have a record of over 50 different stories He used.

The main way God has chosen to reveal Himself is through the Bible – an epic story about who God is and how much He loves us. Spanning all of time, God’s Word is more than an instruction manual. Yes, it teaches us important truths and tells us how we are to live, but it is meant for intimacy before instruction. It encourages us to draw near, shaping and molding us into His very own image as we read Scripture in the power of the Spirit.

With short chapters and questions for reflections Joe Deegan shows us how we go about understanding God’s story, and our place in it.


  1. Stories Shape Us
  2. Your Life Is A Story
  3. Your Story Is Not An Accident
  4. God’s Word Is A Story
  5. Advice For Reading God’s Story
  6. God’s Story Is True
  7. The False Narratives Of The World
  8. What Makes A Story Good
  9. Your Story Has An Author
  10. Your Story Has An Ending

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