On Being A Pastor

On Being A Pastor

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No pastor is perfect nor does any have all the gifts for a flawless career as all ‘come short of the glory of God’.
However, there is a calling and there is a gift of ministry given to the local churches for edification, protection, preservation and proclamation of gospel truth.
This high and holy calling to preach and to pastor Christ’s sheep as an under-shepherd is not easy, but it comes with the promised grace and strength when faith, love and hope are present.
The daily need to take up our cross and follow Jesus is a life-affirming call without which the pastor’s service is lacking in holiness, the Spirit’s presence and daily assurance.


Retired pastor Ian speaks clearly about a pastor’s need to shepherd God’s flock and preach well.
He graduated with a Dip.Th. from Edinburgh Theological Seminary and a Th.M. degree from Westminster Theological Seminary, USA.
As a member of the FIEC Pastors’ Association/Network he has served churches in Scotland and England from 1980 until his retirement.
He now provides preaching support.


‘In this wonderful book the Rev. McNaughton is at his best as he draws upon over forty years of pastoral and ministerial experience. … This material deserves (and should have) the widest possible readership.
This book will, as the author says in his foreword, help elders, deacons and church members to understand the work and trials of a full-time calling.’
Pastor Billy McCurrie,

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