Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology

Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology

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God's covenants form the backbone of the Scriptures. Understanding these covenants is the key to unlocking the treasures that lay therein. This book will enable the reader, not only to appreciate redemptive history, but to understand more fully his/her position in Christ. Griffiths demonstrates the essential fact that there has always been one Church, one way of salvation, and that all have been, are being, and will be saved only through faith in Christ. Griffiths eschews the Presbyterian paradigm which believes the Abrahamic, Mosaic, and Davidic covenants to be of the same substance as the new covenant, only differing in regard to their administration. Replacing it with essential truth that the new covenant, which is the outworking of the eternal covenant of redemption in time, is the only covenant of grace.

Both Old and New Testament believers come under the mediatorship of Christ and are members and recipients of new covenant blessings. The author shows how all other covenants, what he calls "subsidiary covenants," are of works, and that their function is to magnify the covenant of grace, i.e., the new covenant.


“With historical awareness, exegetical attention, and pastoral sensitivity, Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology will serve God’s people as a helpful overview of the Reformed Baptist articulation of covenant theology. I commend it to anyone who wants to know how the Bible fits together, how the covenants relate, and how the church fits into God’s redemptive plan.”

—Jon English Lee, Pastor of Discipleship, Morningview Baptist Church

“We are greatly indebted to Phillip Griffiths for outlining a Reformed Baptist understanding of the covenant of grace and its implications for us as new-covenant believers in Christ. With a biblical covenant theology to guide our understanding of the church, we can really enjoy all the blessings of being new-covenant believers gathered in our congregations each Lord’s Day to revel in all the benefits of the fullness of covenant grace in Christ Jesus.”

—Oliver Allmand-Smith, Pastor, Trinity Grace Church

“Griffiths provides the reader a clear and easy-to-read overview of the major covenants of the Old Testament and their place in God’s providence to redeem his people. . . . Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology will help the reader see the purpose of God in the often-neglected left side of his Bible.”

—Karl Minor, Pastor, Christ Reformed Baptist Fellowship

“For anyone who has struggled to articulate the distinction between the old covenant God made with Moses and the new covenant made through Christ, this book is for you. . . . God has blessed Griffiths with a clear mind to untangle and explain in a simple, clear way what Baptists have always believed. Anyone reading this book will find themselves giving thanks to God in their heart, liberated in their Christian life and more solid in their understanding of the promises of God.”

—C. P. Rees, Minister, Bethesda Chapel

“I feel like a child in understanding the covenants and their relationships with one another. It is helpful to read the views of someone who has sought to come to grips with this challenging matter.”

—Geoff Thomas, retired Minister, Alfred Place Baptist Church

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