The Theology of the Huguenot Refuge

The Theology of the Huguenot Refuge

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French Protestants following the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes (1685) provided a rich theological tradition that has received relatively little scholarly attention.

In this book, Martin I. Klauber and his careful band of historians survey events leading up to the Revocation and various responses to it in the decades leading up to the Edict of Toleration (1787). They also investigate important theological contributions by leading French Reformed exiles like Pierre Jurieu, David Martin, Claude Brousson, Jacques Basnage, Jacques Abbadie, Daniel de Superville, and Jacques Saurin.

Whereas previous generations debated the definition of the true church, the doctrine of universal grace, and the nature of the Eucharist, post-Revocation theologians focused discussions on eschatological concerns, the problem of Nicodemism, and more political matters, such as the degree of allegiance owed to a king who had legally outlawed the Reformed faith in France.


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