The Atonement: An Introduction

The Atonement: An Introduction


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A Concise Introduction to the Doctrine of the Atonement

The atonement is central to Christian theology and essential for following Jesus. In this addition to the Short Studies in Systematic Theology series, pastor Jeremy Treat explains what Scripture teaches about the atonement and how it impacts one’s daily life. 

Treat demonstrates that the death of Christ is a multi-dimensional work within the story of the kingdom of God. While the accomplishments of the cross are unending (including forgiveness, victory, and renewal), the heart of the cross is substitution—Jesus dying on behalf of sinners. Christ’s atoning work reconciles believers to God and to one another, calling them to a life of obedience. This book presents a kingdom-framed, substitution-centered, Trinitarian, integrated, communal, and life-changing approach to the doctrine of atonement.

  • Accessible: Designed to be short and approachable, this text is an ideal resource for college students, pastors, and laypeople
  • Practical: The depths of the gospel are applied to discipleship, community, and ethics 
  • Part of the Short Studies in Systematic Theology Series: Other titles include Faithful TheologyThe Attributes of God; and The Church

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