ESV Chronological Bible - Hardback

ESV Chronological Bible - Hardback


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Read through Scripture in Historical Order with the ESV Chronological Bible

From Genesis to Revelation, the ESV Chronological Bible guides readers through the 8 eras of the Bible in the order the events occurred:

  • Primeval History
  • Patriarchal History
  • From Deliverance to Inheritance
  • The Last Judge and the United Monarchy
  • The Divided Monarchy
  • Exile and Restoration
  • The Kingdom Comes
  • The Early Church

This easy-to-read format combines various prophetic books, Psalms, and letters alongside Scripture’s historical accounts. Each era begins with an introduction, serving to reorient the reader and connect the section to God’s redemptive narrative as a whole. What’s more, this freshly designed layout divides the entire Bible into 365 daily readings—each beginning with a summary and timeline—making it easy to study Scripture over the course of a year. 

  • Presents the ESV Text in Chronological Order: The entire Bible is divided into 8 distinct eras and organized in the order the events occurred
  • New One-Year Plan: Each of the 365 daily readings begins with a summary and timeline to show how the reading fits into the broader biblical narrative  
  • Additional Content: Written introductions help readers reorient their minds on the next major biblical era
  • Readable Format: 9-point text and single-column paragraphs make text easy to read
  • Edited by Andrew Steinmann: Expert in biblical chronology and author of From Abraham to Paul: A Biblical Chronology

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