Death in the City

Death in the City


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A Redesign of the Classic Work by Francis A. Schaeffer

Few Christians had a greater impact on the Christian response to modernism and postmodernism during the last half of the twentieth century than Francis A. Schaeffer, whose works offered a seemingly prophetic perspective that anticipated shifts in culture long before they happened. In Death in the City, originally written against the backdrop of the 1960s countercultural upheaval, Schaeffer shows that when the intellectual and spiritual foundation of a society fails, the society itself is destined to crumble. The death that follows subtly suffocates truth, meaning, and beauty out of the culture.

Schaeffer offers a simple response to the rejection of biblical principles we see in our day—commitment to God’s word as truth. This commitment is often a costly practice, but it is compassion for a world that is lost and dying without the gospel. Death in the Cityencourages us to respond to the changing culture—not by hiding away, but by living each aspect of life in supernatural communion with the Lord.

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