WCS - 1 Chronicles

WCS - 1 Chronicles

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A readable commentary, with good illustrations and applications, linking well with the New Testament, especially in its pointing towards Christ. Originally written as one book, 1 and 2 Chronicles summarize, not only the history of God’s people from the creation of the world until the edict of Cyrus in 538 B.C., but also the theology of the Old Testament – the revelation that God gave of himself at creation, to the patriarchs, through Moses, during the monarchy, exile and restoration.

1 Chronicles takes this narrative up to the establishment of the monarchy under David, culminating in the building of the temple. The underlying message is that of a covenant God who provides salvation for his people, through a Redeemer foreshadowed by the deliverer-kings whom God gave to his people.

‘Awareness of Scripture and its purpose is clearly the hallmark of the fine series of Welwyn Commentaries published by Evangelical Press, and not least in this latest addition to their number. 1 Chronicles, by Andrew Stewart. … I found this most helpful commentary eminently readable, with excellent use of telling everyday illustrations, with pointed applications constantly made, good links with New Testament passages and, best of all, an interpretation that consistently pointed forward to Christ.’

From the foreword by Hugh J. Blair, Emeritus Professor of Old Testament / Language and Literature/Reformed Theological College, Belfast

About the Author:

Andrew Stewart is the minister of Geelong Reformed Presbyterian Church, Victoria, Australia. Before taking up his present position, he served as minister in a church in Northern Ireland, the country where he was born and educated.

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