WCS - 1 Kings

WCS - 1 Kings

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WCS 1 Kings traces the history of God’s people from the heights of glory and prosperity enjoyed during the reign of Solomon, through the subsequent division into separate northern and southern kingdoms, and on to the dark days of Elijah’s lone stand on Mount Carmel against the worshippers of the false God Baal and its aftermath. The example of Solomon and those who followed him stands as a stark warning to Christians today of the serious consequences of disobedience to God’s revealed Word. The same God who would not countenance devotion to false gods will brook no rivals in the affections of his people today. But 1 Kings is not only a book about human failure. It is also a book about God’s sovereign purpose, which cannot be thwarted and defeated by human disobedience. In the story of the kings of Israel and Judah, as in all the Old Testament narrative, we see God pointing people to the coming King of whom Solomon, in all his splendour, was only a faint and imperfect picture.

About the Author:

Roger Ellsworth is the pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church, Benton, Illinois. He has served as trustee of South-Eastern Baptist Seminary, North Carolina, and president of Illinois State Baptist Association.

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